5 Reasons GTM Buddy Is The Best
Paperflite Alternative


Stop Sending Your Reps on
Search and Discovery Missions

Papeflite expects your reps to "search for" and "discover" content buried in your library. The "Search & Discover" motion assumes: 

  • Reps want to search (they don’t)
  • Reps know what they’re searching for (they don’t)
  • Enablers and Reps have the time to manage hubs, streams, and collections (they don’t)


Hope is not a strategy. Use an enablement tool that:

  • Delivers the most relevant content with contextual recommendations within your seller's workflow (email, calendar, CRM).


Search and discover



Stay Away from Tool Administration

Do not hire Paperflite admins who will work on mindless tasks such as:

  • Tag content manually
  • Organize collections, streams, and hubs
  • Rely on “Search and Discover” missions that force sellers to switch context


What are your sellers getting out of all this effort? A slow, buggy product. Poor search results. Pointless recommendations.

Implement an enablement solution that helps your sellers close more deals faster. Reduce time and effort by:

  • Not having to worry about content management and administration.



Say Goodbye to an Unwieldy and Buggy Tool

Paperflite's CRM integration assumes:

  • Reps will share content using their CRM (they won’t)
  • The CRM data is clean and regularly updated (that's not usually the case)

Paperflite’s content tracking approach is wrong:

  • Reps can share content using Paperflite's QuickSend feature. Unfortunately, Paperflite sends these emails straight to the spam folder.


Share content with your sellers without making them jump through hoops. Use an enablement tool that:

  • Easily integrates with Salesforce (and HubSpot), enriches CRM data, and makes updating opportunities simple.
  • Tracks not just documents, but also web content and social reviews, such as G2.


CRM Integrations



Don't Rely On Recommendations Without Context

In Paperflite's recommendations, opportunity context, persona context, and email context are not taken into account. Recommendations follow the 'used more > suggest more' pattern.

  • Content is recommended without context (you've got to be kidding me)
  • Metrics without context are misleading. A mid-market case study should not be shared with an enterprise customer (Content is king, but the Context is Queen!)


Get rid of context-free recommendations and say hello to just-in-time enablement. Use an enablement tool that:

  • Recommends relevant content based on contextual AI.



Don't Expect Your Sales Team to Master Multiple Tools

Your sales team already has too many tools. Before adding another tool, consider these factors:

  • Reps don't exactly jump at the chance to learn a new tool
  • It can be a chore for even your most seasoned reps to discover and share content with Paperflite.


Stop context switching. Choose an enablement tool that lets you:

  • Receive real-time notifications about buyer engagement when reps share relevant content.


4_Section_Drowning in Administering Tools